Distributed Web of Care

Distributed Web of Care Party

The Distributed Web of Care Party will be held at the Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel New York on July 29th from 5-9pm. The party will be a collection of talks, presentations, interactions and music to illustrate the collective power of caring.

The team of Fellows, Stewards and Artists in residence will all contribute toward sharing their knowledge and expertise in a series of talks concerning the distributed web. These talks will be both technical and abstract, but grounded in the project’s mission:

“Care, in contrast to cure, is a form of stewardship between people who support each other in communication, action, and social engagement. It is actualized by extending one’s mindfulness of another person’s dignity and feelings, while respecting their independence.”

After the talks, Lai Yi Ohlsen will lead a distributed dance. Laurel Schwulst and Becca Abbe will be doing live drawing with code.

The event will progress into dancing and socializing with music curated by the multi-instrumental artist and DJ stud1nt of Discwoman.

stud1nt is a multi-disciplinary sound artist from Queens. Their work sits at the intersection of improvisation and meticulous approaches to composition. A member of the collectives #KUNQ and Discwoman, their work is especially attentive to queerness, the body, sound, and space. stud1nt has given workshops on creative production at Vassar College, the New School, Recess Art, Pioneer Works, Moogfest, and Ableton Loop.

The timing of the event is as follows:

The party will be governed by the DWC code of conduct. It is open to the public and free with RSVP.

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Distributed Web of Care is an initiative to code to care and code carefully.

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